Christ the King Sunday

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Detail of Christ The King, 6th Century Icon, St Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai

The church year ends this week, the Sunday of Christ the King. On the Sunday of All Saints we gathered, in our memories and in our liturgy, the saints of heaven and earth. Sunday we all stand together before the gracious king of kings.

Election chaos rings in our ears. Loud promises shouted by those who would reign over us were cheered by large crowds.

The kings and leaders of the nations of earth rise and pass away in time. At the end of this election year it will be good for us to affirm again the gracious, eternal kingship of Christ, to confess our final allegiance to his word, and to help one another hold on to the life-giving, peace-affirming promises that have been spoken to us, Christ’s people, to other people of earth, and to the creatures of the earth.

The choir rehearses at 8:45 am.

During the service members of the council will make a presentation about the ministry of Peace. We have a faithful, outward-looking church together. Your pledges pay the bills. On Sunday take a pledge envelope from the basket near the font. Return your pledge in the offering plate.

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