2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Camp Calumet

The Gospel for Sunday is about a healing. Luke 7:1-10. A Roman soldier’s slave is sick and near death. The soldier appeals to Jesus. The Jewish elders are references for the soldier. Jesus heals the slave. The interesting thing about this passage for me is that the lines of communication, desire and intention between people are wide open for the moment. Boundaries of nationality, class and religious hierarchies disappear in the interest of doing a good thing: helping a person who is suffering. It is as if the combined attention of Jesus, the elders and the soldier bring a healing change into this anonymous slave’s life. Sunday we will sit and hear the story together.

The Psalm is an outdoor song, so we’ll read it outdoors when it comes up in the service. Sing to the Lord, all the earth! is one of the lines we’ll read. Makes sense to read it outside, right?

Our Calumet campers are away in New Hampshire this Memorial Day weekend, enjoying their annual outdoor outing together. We pray for safe travel for them and blessings of relaxation and friendship during the weekend. Camp Calumet has healing power.

Last week you heard our members and friends with family roots in Korea, China, Malaysia and the Philippines tell us a little bit about their lives. We will remain focused on them and their lives in the next couple of weeks. There is a table in the sanctuary and one in the narthex  with displays of objects that show Malaysian and Philippine culture. Take a moment to look at them Sunday.

You will find in your bulletin a page of information about ELCA World Hunger, along with an offering envelope. Put your contribution in the envelope and place the envelope in the offering plate. If you write a check, make a note that it’s designated for World Hunger. We will collect the money and our voting members will bring one check from our church to the New England Synod assembly.

Here’s a link to a profile of Dick Stitt that appeared yesterday in the Sudbury Town Crier http://sudbury.wickedlocal.com/news/20160527/richard-dick-stitt

Don’t forget the you-know-what for you-know-who after church.

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