Sunday of the Trinity


 Trinity icon by Andre Rublev, Moscow 15th Century

The Sunday after Pentecost is Trinity Sunday. The faith we share repeats patterns of three, in series like these, all of which help us describe and internalize our faith:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier.

Old Testament, New Testament and Church.

Source, Presence and Essence.

The wisdom of the biblical faith is held in the logic of trinitarian shapes and formulations. We enter into a local community of the Christian Church by confessing a trinitarian creed.

It is so appropriate that on the Sunday of the Trinity we plan to do three special, celebratory things!

1. Witness the baptism of Sidney Richard Burke.

2. Welcome Joanne, Kensing, Amy, Inga, Jack and Marigold into the membership of the congregation.

3. Recognize and honor members and friends who trace their family origins to  Asia and the Pacific Islands. Members of our community have roots in China, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. We will hear a word from each of them during the service and taste some of their families’ traditional foods during the coffee hour. A forum discussion on the lives of Asian and Pacific Island Americans will follow the coffee hour.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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