July 28, honoring musicians

Today the church commemorates three German composers,  Heinrich Schütz 1585-1672, George Frederick Handel 1685-1710, and Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750.

One cannot separate the Christian faith from music that surrounds it, from music that supports and conveys it. Faith has inspired the greatest musicians, and music inspires faith in many people, all around the world, every day. Music is an activity of the spirit. The Christian faith aims at shaping human spirits. Music is at the heart of Christian devotion and practice.

It’s a good day to thank our own wonderful music director, Kathryn Welter, along with the other musicians who lead our worship by playing the organ and the piano, Bob Holmgren and Ron Riggert. There are a number of other accomplished musicians at Peace; that’s part of what makes our church a special place.

As a congregation we gather to sing.  We encourage our young people to be musicians, to sing and play musical instruments.

We are all music makers. When I attend a Catholic Mass and see a cantor singing in front while the rest of the congregation stares ahead silently as if they are brain dead, I see a problem for the human spirit and a problem for the church. My Reformation blood boils.

Great music is our Christian heritage. We need to claim it and be thankful.

We are all music makers. Sing. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be ashamed. You’re not too cool. We’re all singing together. Music is a gift of God. As a child of God, music belongs to you personally, so sing, play an instrument and encourage a young person in your life to study music.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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