February 16, 2014

Love the Lord your God, walk in his ways, observe his commands… Deuteronomy 30:16
Game Night this Saturday at 5:30 pm!  Bring a game, or just come and play games that others brought, and a dessert to share. If you haven’t signed up just send an email to me or to a member of the anniversary committee.

We continue our discussion of the law and the gospel and the distinction between the two. The Protestant Reformers thought that being able to tell the difference between law and gospel (command and promise) was the task of the theologian. Straightening out these lines of thinking is critical to clear understanding of what the Christian faith is, to what Christians believe and teach. So we’ll think about it a little bit more on Sunday. The core idea I am thinking about this week is of the Christian faith-law and gospel-as a life into which one is invited. An invitation given and received could carry all the good things the Christian faith promises: blessing, love, belonging, vocation, instruction, security and peace. The sermon on the mount is our text. In it Jesus sounds strict and stern, as if he is preaching a fiery new law. We’ll try to understand that, and let the words of gospel promise appear through the demands of the law.

The choir rehearses at 8:45 am.

Remember to bring in  food for the Wayland Food Pantry. Let’s fill up our basket in the next couple weeks.

Rejoicing Spirits Sunday at 4 pm.

Remember to sign up to have your photo taken for our directory. You can do this easily by visiting our website. http://www.peacewayland.org

Senior lunch Thursday, February 20 at 12 noon, followed by a presentation by Wayland archeologist Tonya Largy at 12:30 pm.

350MA meeting here Thursday, February 20  at 7 pm. Speak to Ron Riggert for more information.

Next Sunday Anna Mullen will be here to begin our discussion of the ELCA social statement Caring for Creation. I hope many of you will plan to come.

Remember to go to our website and sign up to make an appointment for a family portrait.

Looking ahead to Lent

We’re moving through the season of Epiphany and into the season of Lent. I hope that all of you will begin thinking about a Lenten discipline that is right for you. If you take a moment to reflect on your life you will probably identify your discipline:  what is missing from your life? what would make you healthier, happier, a better father, mother, husband or wife? what is missing from your spiritual life? Lent will be a time for personal self-assessment. I hope that the
church might help you live a more satisfying and fulfilling life by inviting you into a deeper kind of Christian discipleship, whatever that may mean to you.

During Lent children Grade 2 and older will be invited to prepare for their first communion. Our confirmation students will help in the instruction. The meetings will be scheduled for Sunday evenings.

Students in Grades 5 and 6 will be invited to learn about being an acolyte. They will be instructed by our sacristan, Milly Engberg. Following their instruction they will be begin their years of service as acolytes.

We will worship with our friends from Lutheran Church of Framingham and from Church of the Holy Spirit.

Anna Mullen will help us think about Christian care of creation. We’ll make plans for our garden.

50th anniversary events have been scheduled.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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