Third Sunday after Epiphany

Immediately they left their nets and followed him.  Matthew 4:20

The drama picks up on Sunday in a packed passage that opens with a text of prophecy about the light that has come into the worlds with Jesus’ call to face him. Apparently he is the light!  Then he draws his friends into the circle of his creative light. Matthew seems to be saying that Jesus is in some way restoring creation. There is reckless abandon in the disciples’ response. They say, Okay, here I am, and their lives take on a character that the world can approximate only dimly. They don’t become wealthy or popular when they follow Jesus. There lives become complicated and hard. But they also become whole.
The choir rehearses at 8:45 am. Singers, let Kathryn know if you cannot be there. New singers are always welcome.
The semi-annual meeting follows the coffee hour. The budget meeting is an important annual event in the life of our congregation.
Confirmation Sunday night at 7 pm. The students are working on the timeline of the events of the Bible and looking at well-known Christian hymns.
Intern Anna Mullen was here today. Thanks to Milly for joining our discussion of  Scripture, Culture and Agriculture by Ellen Davis. Anna is working on a Lenten devotional that we will be able to use. She has been in working with Wayland archeologist Tonya Largy to plan a talk by Tonya on pre-Colonial agriculture on the land that became Wayland. The talk will be open to the public and is scheduled for Thursday, January 20, a special addition to the senior lunch that happens on that day. It is another one of our 50th anniversary events!
Remember to bring in food for the Wayland Food Pantry. We have fallen off this simple ministry in the past month or so. We who have so much can easily open the cupboard on Sunday morning, take a can of something from the shelf and bring it to church. It’s an ancient Christian offering routine on the day of assembly: offering food for those who cannot afford to buy it. Let’s fill up the basket this Sunday.

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