Anniversary notes January 17, 2014

Wow, didn’t we have just a terrific Senior Lunch yesterday – it was a FULL house
and a FUN one, too!  I posted some pictures on the church’s Facebook page (click
here to view, you do not need a Facebook page to VIEW the Facebook page:  I also have some video of Milly talking
about how PLC got it’s name and of Ruth Forinash telling the story of her first
visit to PLC 20 years ago.  I will get that up on Facebook as soon as I locate a
teenager who can teach me how.

On Sunday the new, and may I say strikingly beautiful, paraments will be blessed
and put into service.  Milly OUT DID herself with these as they are truly works
of art and labors of love.  Once they are put into service on Sunday, Jeff will
be utilizing the green side (other side is red).  You might consider wearing
green on Sunday if you have something you like to wear that is green.

-Deb Vogt

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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