members and friends of Peace Lutheran Church

Buoninsegna risen christ
I address most of my notes and comments to our members and friends.

Members are the people who take responsibility for the care, support, growth and development of Peace. Members take on these responsibilities for their own spiritual well-being, for the well-being of the next generation, and for the benefit of the community in which they live. Members are individuals, couples and households who have committed themselves to including the activities and purposes of Peace Lutheran Church in the routines of their lives. Members attend Sunday morning worship together. Members of the church believe that they are in some way fed by the word and sacraments on Sunday morning and at special services throughout the year.  Members give their time and money as offerings of themselves and of their week-day work and occupations. Members of the church respond to calls for volunteers, as well as to special appeals and service opportunities, the way members of a family respond to similar calls at home.

Friends normally are those who do not live within driving distance of Peace Lutheran Church but who still keep the church and its members in mind. They send tokens of friendship in the form of encouragement, occasional presence and financial gifts. Friends often visit in the summer or when they are in town at holidays. Friends respond, as they are able, to special appeals, especially to financial appeals. Friends may be Christians who are members of other congregations in other places. Friends may be parents or relatives of present members, former members of Peace, relatives of former members. Friends may maintain interest in or fondness for our church for some other reason.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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