Sunday, March 24

This Sunday, the children will begin their morning by singing Hosanna’s along with the choir before processing into the sanctuary for worship.  During service they will sing the song they’ve been rehearsing with Kathryn for the past couple of weeks.  We all look forward to hearing their voices on Sunday morning.  Also during worship service our 4th grade through middle school students will dramatize a reading of The Passion of Our Lord According to Luke.

Following the coffee hour, our pre-school and kindergarten students will meet in their classroom to learn about Deborah from Judges 4:1-5:31.  The book of Judges is a collection of stories about some of the heroes, called judges, from the early days of God’s people.  The book of Judges takes place after the exodus from Egypt, the wandering in the wilderness, and the invasion of Canaan.  The book of Judges was created for God’s people when they had little freedom and little reason for hope.  The stories say to the exiles,  “You are here because of your sins.  But time after time, God heard the prayers of your ancestors when they were in trouble and helped them by sending deliverers.”  One such leader, or hero, was Deborah who led an army of thousands to drive out the evil Canaanites harassing her people (from the Lutheran Study Bible).

Our 1st grade through middle school students will meet in their classrooms to discuss Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, followed by his suffering and death.  As they listen, they will discover that God is with them in happy times and in sad times, as well.

“The Christian education program at Peace, where your child can experience God’s love through worship, learning, and fellowship with others.”


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