5 Lent

Mary took a pound of pure nard, anointed Jesus’ feet, and wiped them with her hair. John 12:5

The gospel reading for Sunday is the scene in which Mary anoints Jesus’ feet with costly perfume. This luxury of “nard” seems out of place in the stories of Jesus’ usual itinerant and Spartan activities. Something momentous or extreme has happened here. A corner has been turned, the future foretold, a commitment made. The speculations about this scene in the commentaries range from the highly symbolic to the brazenly sensual. The anointing could have royal, medical, sexual, ritual implications. All four of these, as well as others, are plausible. On Sunday we will think about the extravagance of this act and ponder where the extravagance is in our lives and what it might mean about who we are and what we believe in.

The choir rehearses at 8:45 am.

Jonathan Moretz(guitar) and Bruce Goody (flute) will play music of Telemann, Michio Miyagi and Schubert.

Sunday ends our two weeks of Family Promise hosting.

The confirmation students will meet after Sunday school to do the laundry. You are all asked to bring quarters to church. The confirmation students will collect them and use them to do the laundry in Maynard.

The Sunday school children will rehearse the Palm Sunday drama.

Bring in paper goods for the Wayland Food Pantry.

Dr. Eben Alexander will speak at Temple Shir Tikva at 1:30 pm. He is the author of Proof of Heaven. Suggested donation $10.

Rejoicing Spirits at 4 pm at Peace, followed by a potluck supper. All are welcome.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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