Sunday, March 3

This week during Sunday school your children will have an opportunity to welcome guest families from Family Promise by creating door banners for them. These banners will grace the doors to our Sunday school classrooms which by then will have been transformed into inviting bedrooms for at least two families. We will also discuss the bible verse from Isaiah 55:1-9. Here are some thoughts I shared with our Sunday school teachers earlier today while preparing for this lesson:

Isaiah 55:1-9 is a great lesson for us to focus on this Sunday with families arriving at Peace later in the day. One of the questions (and answers) posed in this bible verse reads: “Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen carefully to me, and eat what is good and delight yourselves in rich food.” In context with Family Promise Sunday, one way I respond to the answer provided here is to realize that we are being asked to do those things in communion with others, share with others that which is good. I mean, think about it: when we experience something good and when we take delight in something, we want to share that experience with others. And, by sharing what is not only delightful but also important with those in need, we are close to God.

Take note of this week’s Session Goals:

Pre-K through 3rd grade students will feast on God’s great gifts and give praise to God for giving them what they need.

Fourth and fifth graders will savor (love that word!) God’s promise of abundant life in Isaiah and invite others to the feast.

Middle School students will dig into Isaiah’s words and describe the nature of our generous God.

As I read these goals, I raise an obvious question: If God gives us what we need, then why are there children coming to Peace who don’t have a home? One answer is that, for two weeks, we are giving them a home. They will receive what they need: a roof over their heads, a warm place to sleep at night, food on the table. And their family is together. These are things we can do to show God’s love and to express gratitude for having a roof over our heads, a warm place to sleep at night, and food on our table, too. God has given us everything we need, and more!

Please come to church on Sunday morning, listen to Isaiah, and hear how God provides for each of us, in abundance.


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