Family Promise

Our Family Promise host weeks begin Sunday. The morning service will include prayers and blessings for the weeks ahead. Howard Gold, president of congregation Or Atid, will attend to bring a greeting from our friends next door and to offer a blessing from the Jewish tradition. Some of you have brought in supplies for the Family Promise weeks. You are invited to bring these into the church and place them on the table in front. As the blessings are spoken by Kim Canning and Kim Ho, these supplies will serve as visible and tangible signs of our service and hospitality. There is a good Lutheran sacramental principle at work in this. The promise or the word is attached to a material object or substance. In other rites the substance is water, bread, wine, a wedding ring, etc. Here our promise to be of service to those who need (following Jesus’ command to love our neighbor) is made visible in the paper supplies and other items. 

The order for the day will be the service of the word, led by Milly Engberg. I will be away with Nate at a soccer event in New York City.

Ron Riggert reports that the final inspection for the solar panels is scheduled for today 23/1/13.  The panels should be up and running soon! 

Dick Stitt and Loren Korte were here last week. Along with Kris Lutz, these two long-time members of Peace are auditing the books. Thank you to all of them.

 id-Lent potluck lunch next Sunday, March 10. We have been snowed out so much this year, I hope we can all come out for this fellowship event. Bring a dish to share.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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