Ron Riggert and Dan Lemieux at Groton Hill Music Center

A most generous gift from long-time Peace member Ron Riggert allowed New York organ builder Tim Smith to design and build a pipe organ for our church. The organ was completed and dedicated in 2019.

Tim Smith handed off maintenance and tuning of the Peace organ to Dan Lemieux, founder and owner of Meta Organworks of Argyle, New York.

Meta Organworks designed and built the organ for the new Groton Hill Music Center in Groton, Massachusetts. Ron Riggert, Jeff and Kirsten Johnson, and Bob Holmgren attended the dedicatory concert of the Groton Hill Music Center organ.

Groton Hill Music Center is now home to one of the largest Hauptwerk installations in the world. Built by Meta Organworks of upstate New York, this instrument is not an “electronic” or “digital” organ, but rather a “Virtual Pipe Organ” (VPO) driven by the Hauptwerk software. Hauptwerk is the German term for the “Great,” or primary keyboard of an organ. -from the Groton Hill Music Center Music Center

Dan Lemieux, President and Artistic Director of Meta Organworks, and Ron Riggert, Sudbury, Massachusetts.

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