Peace Golfers 2022 Thank you Dave S. for organizing the day!

Once again, after months and months of excessive, relentless training (zero), the Peace Elite Golf Team showed up for the crowds in Natick.  After the traditional photo shoots and autographs, play began.  It was a battle, only a two-stroke difference, but as happens probably far too often, youth won the day!  Congrats to Liam M, Teddie V, Deb V, and Chris M for hoisting the Golden Dove trophy (it was flown in by the same guy that watches the Stanley Cup).  A thank you also to Pastor, Dan O, Dave M, and Kris L for putting up a strong fight.  They vowed to do at least one more sit-up prior to the next battle in the spring and not ever leave without the Golden Dove again.  Strict rehydration efforts were followed at Morse Tavern after the match per league rules.

– Scheidy

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