Sixth Sunday of Easter


Since we are God’s offspring, we ought not to think that the deity is like gold, or silver, or stone, an image formed by the art and imagination of mortals.
-Acts 17:29

The biblical faith makes a startling assertion, one that is hard to hold securely: We are children of God, through faith in Jesus, our Lord and brother, but we are not ourselves God. Keeping that distinction in mind-children of God but not God-makes all the difference in our lives.

Following the teaching of John’s Gospel, God is love. If we are children of God, love is our inheritance and our family vocation. Love is our spiritual DNA.

Children of God love God (as we read in Sunday’s Gospel), through worship and acts of devotion, like prayer and music. Children of God serve others.

The Christian faith lives deep in human hearts, where faith, hope and love may grow.

Sunday we will reflect on Jesus’ love commandment to his disciples, a command of deep identification with God and others, a commandment to a life of discipline, faithfulness and commitment.

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Sunday, for the first time on Zoom, we will hear the sounds of our new organ! Earlier this week Kathryn and Ron came to church. Kathryn played the hymns, Ron recorded Kathryn’s music for our service. Sunday we can sing the hymns at home with our own organ accompanying us. If you do not want to sing at home, speak the words quietly or read them without making a sound, as if they are a prayer. The point is, as you listen to the tune on our organ, attend to the words of the hymn.

Forum Discussion

After church we will discuss our church gardens and grounds, and review spring tasks around the church that can be accomplished while keeping physical distance. The church property is a pleasant place.


Faith Formation and Confirmation

Our young children and elementary students meet for a faith formation class after worship Sunday morning. Middle school students meet at 4 pm Sunday afternoon. the confirmation students meet at the same time. A link will be sent to parents and students Sunday afternoon.

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