Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday


Palm Sunday

A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, and others cut branches form the trees and spread them on the road. Matthew 21:8

This year we cannot gather in the fellowship hall, and we cannot process into sanctuary, singing “All glory laud and honor”, holding palm branches.

But you can hold a branch from a tree in your yard, or hold a plant from your living room, and let God’s blessing come on it, and thereby on your house, and on your family, and let that familiar branch or plant accompany you into holy week.

Marking Palm Sunday with a native branch is better than our normal practice of waving an imported palm branch anyway.

(Our friends who join us from Florida might wave palm branches. Palm trees grow there!)
Jesus comes into your life, into your home, to bless your living room and your yard. He brings back life. Let your trees and plants take part in the liturgy this year. Maybe we’ll make this a permanent change. Making Palm Sunday a local celebration would be a liturgical, theological and spiritual improvement.

Assisting Minister: Kim Ho
Readers: Dave and Carrie Melvin, Jack and Haley
Musician: Bob Holmgren, trumpet

We gather just before 9:30 am. Parents, have your children ready. The service will begin with a Palm Sunday story read by Kim Ho.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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