Return to Faith


Last night a few Peace members joined a Zoom meeting for a brief service of evening prayer. It was good to see your faces on the screen, and to hear your voices. It was good to recite the prayers and familiar liturgical responses with you, and to hear the appointed Bible readings.

Today we are still at home in America, but it feels like we are in a foreign land. Much of what we considered normal life and activity has vanished. We are in exile in our own homes, separated from our regular routines.

As we pass through the weeks and months of uncertainty together, I hope that you will return to the testimonies of your faith. You might rediscover, and be surprised, at how experiences of living in exile, in prison, or of being lost, appear throughout the Bible. It would not be an overstatement to say that these human conditions are the main themes of scripture.

When people are worried, and some are suffering, Christ is with them. There is not a more Lutheran faith statement than that.
The peace of Christ be with each of you.

Worship this Sunday 3/21

I like the Zoom experience for the reasons mentioned above. So my plan at the moment is to send another Zoom link for Sunday worship. In addition to Zoom you will be able to call the conference call number to hear the words of the service.

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