Easter 2018

Thank you for attending the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services at Peace. I asked you to come, and many of you came! It is important for us to go as deep into the spiritual depths of Holy Week as we can. I was very pleased that so many of you came to church on Thursday and Friday in Holy Week.

Easter thank-you’s to:

Kathryn, our faithful, dedicated and talented music director;

members of the choir who come early every Sunday morning to rehearse an anthem-Ron Riggert, Alan Vogt, Dan Olsen, Larry Gogolin, Frank Maxant, Bob Holmgren, Sharon Jones, Heather Moretz, Libby Jonczyk, Barbara Olsen;

the Peace brass-Ron Riggert, Dan Olsen, Bob Holmgren and John Bestavros;

Libby Jonczyk and all the worship assistants and nursery attendants;

flower ministers-Mazie and Mary Ann-and all who gave flowers;

Kim Canning for her children’s messages;

Holy Week readers-Shirley Koulopoulos, John Van Alsten, Dan Olsen, Kim Canning, Leah Jonczyk;

everyone who joined in the Easter morning brunch and egg hunt;

Sharon Jones and everyone who set out the food and cleaned up after the meal;

the confirmation students-Aidan, Mason, Carly, Lucas, Madeline, Veronica, Maddie, Allison, Abigail-for preparing an egg hunt for the young children;

all who attended the services and activities.

Every single member of Peace is known and important. Your presence is a blessing. Your absence means our community gathering is not complete. Thank you all for keeping the holiest season so well this year.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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