26th Sunday after Pentecost

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As for these things that you see, the days will come when not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down.  Luke 21: 6

In these last days of the church year, the Sunday lessons turn sober and reflective. They seem to remind us that all we have built and accomplished will be dust one day. This is not a threat from an enemy. This is a mere fact of the effect of time on our lives, and on all life on earth. Our scriptural faith invites us to face this fact, not with dread, but with joy. The works of our hands will turn to dust someday, but the work of God’s word is eternal. So, as people of faith, we turn our hearts and minds to things of the spirit, to the things that last through the generations.

The word of God that we hear is not an artifact. It is alive when one of you reads it aloud on Sunday morning and the rest of us listen. The work that we do together as a Christian congregation is of lasting value. We are building and repairing a faith tradition that is passed on through generations of Christians.

Sunday we will think together about stewardship as caring for things that last.  Pledge cards are on the table near the font, reminding us that our pledges help house and maintain our church community as we, the people of it, cherish scripture, sacraments, music and prayer, look out for one another and serve those in need.

Family Promise host weeks end Sunday. We will hear how things have gone. High school and confirmation youth are asked to help wash sheets and blankets at the laundromat in Maynard. Quarters will be collected after church.

The choir rehearses at 8:45 am.

Confirmation and high school students are invited (asked, actually) to help with Family Promise laundry Sunday after coffee. You will be invited to contribute quarters to the fish bowl after church Sunday.

Please remember to bring in winter coats, boots, school supplies and non-perishable food items for the people in Native American communities in Maine.

The council meets Monday at 7:30 pm.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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