Jesus then asked him, “What is your name?” Luke 8: 30

When Jesus asks the demon for his name, he is asking a question about belonging. Where do you come from? Who sponsors you? Who gets your loyalty and service? Jesus knows, but the naming of the demons is a necessary first step in the process of casting them out.

Sunday we celebrate the holy baptism of Marigold Lyon Carlin Lennes. Baptism is the sacrament of belonging and of initiation into the Christian faith. Baptism is a rebirth into a spiritual kingdom. Baptism is a branding of belonging: we are “marked with the cross of Christ forever…” It is fortuitous that the Gospel reading for the day of Marigold’s baptism is about casting out demons.

Casting out demons and renouncing the devil is in the ancient root system of the order of baptism. It’s still there even in our spiritually tepid age.

Maybe we can think of a good way to run the devil off so that the messengers of God can usher Marigold into the kingdom of God. That is more or less what the service of baptism says is being done. I hope you’ll come and do your part as we renounce the devil and reaffirm our identities as disciples of God in Christ Jesus.

The choir practices at 8:45 am

Faith formation and prayer group at 11 am.

Pinoy Reading Buddies book packing at 11 am. Rowena will make an announcement about the details.

Rejoicing Spirits at 4 pm.

Next Sunday, June 26 is our semiannual meeting and picnic. All adult members of Peace should attend. A potluck follows the meeting. The members of the council are the hosts. Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs will be served. Bring a dish to share. Sign up in the narthex so we know how many tables to set up.

Happy Father’s Day to our Peace dads! Thank you to the men of our congregation who are present regularly. Peace men teach, sing, lead worship, play music, help around the property and the grounds, serve on the council and in the financial management offices. You are role models to our young people and examples of strength of character and commitment. The congregation needs your regular involvement, so thank you for being here.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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