Family Promise weeks

Our loving guests packed up their belongings and moved on to Temple Shir Tikva this morning. The children had fun decorating St Patrick’s Day cookies. And they were excited to take their Easter baskets which the children of Peace decorated.


Delicious meals were enjoyed from several congregations: First Parish of Wayland, Islamic Center of Boston, Memorial Congregational Church, Congregation Or Atid, Peace Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church in Sudbury, Temple Shir Tikva, and St. John Lutheran Church. And a meal was cooked and served by the Youth at First Parish in Sudbury. We had overnight volunteers from Peace, Or Atid and other congregations including the Islamic Center of Boston. Youth groups were involved in food preparation from St. John Lutheran Church. The youth of Peace washed the laundry at the Laundromat.


Volunteers offered warm fellowship to our guests as dinner servers, breakfast servers, and overnight hosts. The Islamic Center was vital in both set up and breakdown. The shopping was done by a many volunteers so the families had all they needed for their stay.
This coming together of so many caring people is such a blessing. And watching the families in the program navigate such a challenging time in their lives makes us appreciate the strength and resiliency of the human spirit.

We look forward to coming together again in October when we host again. In the meantime, we can all support Temple Shir Tikva as they host the families for the next two weeks.
Thank you from all our coordinators:

MaryAnn Borkowski
Kim Canning
Debbie Clain
Ann Greenawalt
Gabrielle Ho
Kim Ho
Cindy Fenichel
Libby Jonczyk

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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