Third Sunday after Epiphany

The heavens declare the glory of God,
     and the sky proclaims its maker’s handiwork.
One day tells its tale to another,
     and one night imparts knowledge to another.  Psalm 19:1-2

There are words spoken all around us, in everything, in every bit of weather, in every famous landscape and in every out-of-the-way corner. As Christians we say that the natural world is creation. By this we mean that the world is sacred and, in some deep way, the natural world is speaking. The word of God is speaking in evolving life forms, in healing processes. The world is wonderful. That’s a faith statement for us. Therefore we hope to be thankful, joyful, responsible human beings.

We tell who we are even when words are not spoken. The results of our creativity, carelessness, ambition, destructiveness, all stand as testimony–speaking loudly–about who we are and what we believe about life.

Sunday we will meditate on Psalm 19.  We’ll trace the broad theological lines of it, the spiritual logic that runs from the word in the sky to the word of the law to the word in human heart to the word of human belief and testimony. Words matter. Our Christian faith is all about words.

The choir practices at 8:45 am.

During the service we will take a moment to say thank you to Dick and Mazie Stitt for their faithful service to Peace over many years.

Faith formation for our children at 11 am.

The semiannual meeting of our congregation is this Sunday at 11 am. All adult members of the church should attend to discuss and vote on the budget for the year.

Bring in cake, brownie and pudding mixes for the Wayland Food Pantry.

Remember to pick up an information sheet for the trip to Germany led by Pastor Christian Holleck of St Peter’s Lutheran Church in Harwich. To learn more about the trip, speak to Doris Wald.

Kirsten and I leave Sunday evening for a week in Barcelona. Nate is there for the month of January, living with a family and teaching math and physics in a high school. The three of us fly back together January 31.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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