Flowers for the altar

Mary Ann has prepared a flower chart for the new year. It’s hanging on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall. Sign up for a Sunday to give flowers.

Bring flowers from your garden when you find them there or buy them at the supermarket or at a florist. Have them delivered or call or email me and I’ll pick them up wherever you say or bring them to church yourself and place them on the altar on Sunday morning.

Bringing them up to the church yourself and placing them on the altar as a gift is the best way, of course.

However, you can give flowers for our worship without ever leaving your computer chair. Use the phone, a couple emails, your credit card or your checkbook. You’ll be done in ten minutes, and you’ll make a number of people happy.

At Easter and Christmas we have potted plants. That’s our tradition. On other Sundays, try to bring cut flowers. Put them in an appropriate vase; you decide what that is. There is an array of glass vases in the cupboard above the sink in the kitchen; use one of those if you want.

Flowers are part of our liturgy. Flowers say that the service is a special event. The people who have gathered are about to do some extraordinary things together.

Add a note of memorial or honor and I will include that in the bulletin. Then take a moment to send the bulletin to someone who might like to know that a loved one has been remembered or an event honored.

Take the flowers home with you. Bring them to a nursing home or to a neighbor.

A bouquet of flowers will adorn our worship room and brighten the day of someone in the community.

If the flowers remain on the altar for a while, and even die there, that’s okay.

Here’s a challenge for us.  Let’s try to fill the flower chart for the whole year. Every one of you can do it. Sign up or email me and I’ll put your name on the list.

Again, a special thanks to Mary Ann, our flower coordinator and leader, and to others who pay special attention to the flowers. Your efforts are appreciated.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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