All Saints

It is tradition for us to remember those who have died since the last Sunday of All Saints. During the service you are invited to place a flower on the water of the font in memory of a loved one who has died.

This year on All Saints Day three of our young people will affirm their baptismal faith and become adult members of the church. When they were baptized, their parents and sponsors affirmed the Christian faith on their behalf and promised to steer their lives near the teachings, precepts, promises, habits of thought and patterns of activity that the faith enjoins. Now, at an early age of understanding, Leah, Carter and Gabrielle will affirm their faith and claim their place in the kingdom of God and in the community of the church.

Their affirmation of faith does not mean that they will never again doubt the existence of God or wonder about a church teaching.  Their affirmation is an acknowledgement that through baptism they were born into a home-faith, so no matter where they roam, they have the church as one place to which they might return, and in which they always belong.

No choir Sunday. Kathryn is away. Bob Holmgren will play for us.

Wayland Food Pantry collection in November: canned goods, especially canned pumpkin and cranberries.

Sign up for autumn berry foraging and smoothie making next Sunday, during the faith-formation hour. This is another opportunity for us to get outdoors, to explore the world around us, and to learn something new with people from the community.

Sign up for game night, Saturday, November 14.

The memorial service for Ruth Forinash is Sunday at 2 pm at Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord.

Family Promise weeks continue. Pray for and support the coordinators and volunteers as well as the families.

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