I will deliver those who cling to me;
I will uphold them, because they know my name.  Psalm 91:14

This is a line from the Psalm for Sunday. The Gospel from Mark 10:35-45 continues the topsy-turvy teachings of Jesus. The sons of Zebedee are real go-getters and they want to be vice presidents, so they ask Jesus to allow them to be promoted to these high places, second and third in command. He tells them that there are no hierarchies in his kingdom. If there is a hierarchy, it’s upside down. The greatest one is on the bottom.

We’ll try again, along with James and John, to understand what Jesus is saying, by looking into the word “Lord”. We can learn a lot about the scripture’s testimony about things by studying the word “Lord”. It’s a title and a form of address that shows respect and authority. It’s a word that means God. It’s a word that shows earned or bestowed status, and more. The English word translates Hebrew words for God. Jesus is Lord, we say. Count how many times we use the word “Lord” in our Sunday morning service. We begin by singing Kyrie eleison: Lord, have mercy. We end the petitions of our prayers with the same phrase. Jesus, to whom we make petitions and in whose name we pray, is a strange leader and lord.

As we enter into the fall stewardship season, with respect to your money and possessions, what does it mean to say that Jesus is Lord of all, and Lord of your life?

After coffee, Kim and Kim will lead Family Promise trainings for adults and youth. If you have neighbors and friends who have heard about Family Promise and would like to be involved, invite them to the training at 11 am, and of course, invite them to church.

The choir meets at 8:45 am.

Confirmation students meet briefly with Pastor Johnson during the education hour.

Bring in clothing, coats, school supplies for the United Native American Cultural Center.

Wayland Food Pantry:  paper goods.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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