Emilie has been working on the front garden and the magnolia trees. She has spent many patient thoughtful hours making the garden alive again. I am thankful for Emilie, and grateful for her generous spirit. We have been thinking about prayer recently ; to Emilie, time spent in the church garden is a prayer. The garden itself is a prayer. Her work honors everyone else at the church, is a gift to our visitors and the community arts folks, and glorifies God.



Here is a sample of a correspondence from Emilie:

The magnolias have grown taller, by inches. Another change in the Japanese maple as of this morning, too.   As I drove out, I saw the magnolias are – finally – above the roof line of the church, and they  had not been.  Intensive, mindful watering does it every time. . . I installed a couple of Bishop of Llandaff dahlias, a pale yellow variant.  Raised Penna field stones on the north, and this has made a tremendous difference. Until the stonework is returned to the correct design/harmony, we will still have some cacophony….


Thank you to everyone who took part in the full day Sunday.

Kathryn prepared and served a delicious breakfast for the choir.

The choir rehearsed and sang for the first time.

The new council was installed.

The children of the Sunday school met their teachers and visited their rooms. Jordan fired up the grill and we all had lunch together. During lunch many of you created a fabric square for yourself or for your family. Kim C will tell us more about this, but I believe the squares will be set out for those who did not get a chance to finish yours on Sunday.

This Sunday, September 27, Jonathan Moretz and Bruce Goody will play their guitar and flute music for us. It’s always a treat to hear them. We thank both of them in advance for giving their talents and time in our worship.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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