Peter and Paul June 29

Here is another summer red-letter day on the church calendar. Since the third century June 29 has been the day of Peter and Paul. Together they represent the fullness of the Christian Church. Of course they cannot be separated but each figure represents an aspect of the institution on one hand, and the message on the other. Peter’s sign is the key. Paul’s is the book and the sword. Pondering the biblical record of Peter and Paul, the outline of the Christian church as an institution and the Christian faith as the spirit of God moving over the face of the earth, appear.

Peter is the authority of the church, the office of the keys,  the vicar of Christ, Rome
Paul is the dynamic message, the gospel, the authority of scripture, the traveling evangelist, the missionary, the Methodist circuit rider going from town to town

Peter was a fisherman
Paul was a tent-maker

Peter is catholic
Paul is evangelical

Peter is the temple
Paul is the exodus

Peter is the anointed prince
Paul is the inspired prophet

Peter is central administration
Paul is sales and service

Peter is home
Paul is travel

Peter is the creed
Paul is personal confession of faith

Peter is the rock
Paul is the road

Peter is water
Paul is the wind

Peter is baptism
Paul is scripture study and devotion

eter is worship
Paul is fellowship

Peter is  the earth
Paul is the fire of the sun

Could go on like this for awhile. The point is that Peter and Paul, commemorated together on the same day, are the twin towers of the Christian faith.

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