First Communion and Blue Jean Sunday


Thank you to

 parents, confirmation students, grandparents and friends who supported Connor, Larissa, Juliana and Sarah as they received their first communion
Alan for telling us about Calumet camping
Sharon for the idea of having Blue Jean Sunday and for coordinating everything
Stephanie for planning the garden, buying seeds and supervising the planting
Johanna Flies, Ron Riggert, Andrea and Rob McDonald, Kim Canning and Kirsten Johnson for bringing plants for the garden
the gardeners who worked in the rain
those who came to stand on the wet grass for the blessing service
Carter and Leah for helping with the service
everyone who brought food for the cookout and everyone who pitched in serving and setting things out
the grillers, Jordan, Warren, Bob, Mike and maybe others I didn’t see when I looked over there
those who helped clean the nursery toys
those who stayed around to help clean-up the fellowship hall after activities on a rainy day

Ride your bicycle to church the next two Sundays! Those of you who were in church yesterday heard Nicole Canning’s idea of honoring bicyclist Frank Maxant, as he recovers from a stroke, by riding your bicycles to church!
Sunday, June 7 we recognize our high school graduates and pray for them.
Sunday, June 14 semiannual meeting of our congregation and election of council members.  Last day of Sunday school and recycled planter activity for the children.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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