Third Sunday in Lent

Expulsion of the Money Changers  Giotto, Florence, 1266-1337

Making a whip of cords, he drove all of them out of the temple, both the sheep and the cattle.  John 2:15

What makes you angry?  In the Gospel for Sunday Jesus is angry. We hear that he turned over tables and released the sacrificial animals. We need to be careful about interpreting this passage; it’s easy to put ourselves into Jesus’ place and let his anger justify our anger. But we’ll give it a try. We’ll talk about anger on Sunday, Jesus’ anger and our anger, the source of it, what it does to us, what to do about it, etc. What I say might make you angry…

Woods Hole scientist Seth Spawn will be our guest. He will speak to us about what his research in the arctic tells us about our planet. Our middle school students will be invited to attend Seth’s presentation.

Family Promise continues. The coordinators–Kim Ho, Kim Canning and Cindy Fenichel–report that things are going along smoothly. This morning the Wayland Fire Chief, Building Inspectors and Board of Health Officer were here to inspect our church. They were all impressed by the program and the way everything is set up. This is a big affirmation of the work of the coordinators.

Here are brief comments from two overnight hosts, Mike Ho and Bob Holmgren. They give a couple snapshots of what the community that is formed through this program. It seems almost like the interaction of a family.

Bility arrived a little after 9:30 because she had gotten stuck in the snow. We helped her carry in her sleepy kids….Mike

We had a good evening… We played banagram with the kids.  Sharon was a tough competitor, but then went on to help each of us finish (including me).
One of the toddlers like to “greet us” as the “hulk”. The same toddler found something that resembled a “hoola-hoop”.  Several guests showed us how it’s done and seemed to enjoy the time. I liked the “refresh clean air” while taking the trash out this morning.  Sharon mentioned it was only 3 degrees outside, which led me to point out that this would be like a “warm day” after a cold streak in Minnesota. Bob

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