Advent stories

The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.   Mark 1:1

Communities are formed around stories told and retold. Communities change and grow as new story-tellers step up and, in their own voices, tell stories and make up new ones.

As your pastor I am a servant of stories, of one big story and of your life stories, and of the complex intersection of the two. The big story narrated in the bible is like the sea. We return to it at least weekly and let the ancient words wash up on us and over us. The stories of your lives are reflected in that voluminous, rolling ancient story that runs from vision to vision–from Eden to the book of Revelation–with all the passions, violence, joy and tragedy of life in between.

Sunday, at the beginning of a new church year, we turn to the Gospel of Mark. It’s moving to me to hear those first clear notes of the beginning of Mark’s Gospel.

Advent fair after church. All the vendors are members or friends of our church. We’ll have a good time together.

Stambandet Scandinavian folk music for Christmas at 4:30 pm. Children will enjoy this program. It includes the St Lucia procession of children, a beloved part of Advent for our Swedish ancestors.

Remember to buy a gift for the Florence House children. This is our community gift project for people who don’t have very much. Please take a gift card from the window and buy a gift for the moms and children at the Florence House.

The children will practice their lines and their songs for Christmas program.

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