Sunday of the Reformation

Pour out your Holy Spirit, the power of your living Word, that those who are washed in the waters of baptism may be given new life.  ELW

As children of God and children of the earth, we are born in water. The earth is a planet of water. Water is the powerful, persistent, force in the earth and in our lives. Water with the word of God is the beginning of life. Water with the word of God makes baptism, our sacrament of birth and belonging to the church and to creation.

The Protestant Reformers, with Luther first among them, made water the basis of their reforms of the Christian church. We always hear that the Reformation was a return to the word of God against the Church of Rome,  an institution heavy with ordinances, rules and traditions of human creation. The Reformation was a return to water and to the word of God. On Sunday listen carefully to the words of the prayer right before the baptism in water. It is sometimes called the flood prayer. Let it wash over you.

Sunday morning Diane Burke and Harrison Burke will be baptized. The Burke family will join the church. We welcome them warmly and are happy that they will now be members of our church family.  In the afternoon Arianna Zorilla will be baptized. You are invited back to church for this.

Our Family Promise host weeks begin Sunday. Thanks to all of you for pitching in. The coordinators do a lot of working keeping this program on track.

Please remember to bring in items for Thomas Brennan’s Lutheran World Relief Eagle Scout project: new bath-size soaps, combs, toothbrushes and bath towels.

This Sunday our two high school confirmands, Leah Scheidemantel and Nicole Canning, will take part in the baptismal service. On November 2 Leah and Nicole will affirm their baptismal faith and become adult members of the church. I hope that you will all reach out to Leah and Nicole with blessings, cards, whatever you think is appropriate. Welcome them into our congregation as adults.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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