50th anniversary


Sunday we celebrate 50 years of weekly reunions around the word and sacraments at 107 Concord Road in Wayland. Over all those years you attended and sang liturgies together; you gave your time and talents in many ways to keep the worshipping community going; you gave your good will and your offerings. You made Peace your spiritual home. Again this week the ancient words will be read and heard with reverence; the sacrament of the altar will be received with faith; your community will gather around to share stories of life.

The presence of Bishop James Hazelwood will remind us that our congregation is part of a larger Lutheran church, and beyond that is part of the great ecumenical constellation of Christian churches around the world. It will be good to have our New England Synod Bishop with us on Sunday.

As we go through the morning, notice how many faces you see in front of you, how many names you hear and read, how many names and faces appear in your thoughts and memories. Our church is a little bay of a great eternal sea–the communion of saints. ( I just finished reading Moby Dick so bear with me…) Just beyond us is the ocean of God’s love where Christians of every time and place rest in the grace of Christ. The names of the present members are mixed with the names of the founders and with the names of family members in other parts of the country and around the world. The names of the saints and of those who loved us and have died are mixed with the names of the youngest children of our church. Immigrant ancestors taught us the faith and through their example showed us the way to make the church work for us in our lives. Friends drove us to Sunday school. Parents encouraged us to find a church. Something in each one of us said, I think we should go to church. The spirit has called each one of us individually. We have come from many Christian traditions–Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational and from no named tradition at all. We are all the same in Christ’s spirit. That spirit caught each of us in a different way and at different moments in our lives, and ushered us together into Peace Lutheran Church, our faith community. Peace is a good name for a church and a good church to belong to. I look forward to celebrating 50 years of ministry on Sunday.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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