Pastoral note for September

For some of us the beginning of the school year means the end of summer activities and the resumption of routines. Traffic patterns change. Sleep patterns change. In our house there’s a  big change. Now that Nate is off at college, it’s just the two of us again.
Lutheran congregations are not among the “summering” New England churches that take a vacation from worship. We maintain word and sacrament worship every week, all year ’round, because we need the word and sacrament reunions even in the summer. We are not primarily a society of learning or a club of the religiously curious. We are a congregation of faith, and faith is sustained by the proclamation of the word and the administration of the sacraments. At Peace this summer we added a midweek service. I would like very much  to hear thoughts and comments, from those who attended, about resuming  the midweek services. Perhaps you have a suggestion for changing them.
September is a big month for us. There’s Calumet-at-Peace camping, the anniversary service with Bishop Hazelwood, the start of Sunday school and confirmation, the choir breakfast and other things. I hope you’ll all look for ways to take part.
We have two baptisms scheduled for later this year. Two of our young people will affirm their baptismal vows (made for them by their parents) in a confirmation service, becoming adult members of the church.
With those baptismal promises in mind, I ask each of you–the members of the church–to renew your baptismal promises in September.

  • Come back to church–if you have been away–and think about the part you will play in maintaining and building up your faith community.
  • Catch up on your giving to the church if you have fallen behind. We count on your offerings to pay the bills.
  • Parents, register your children for Sunday school. In your children’s childhood years the chief form of your Christian service might be bringing them to church and Sunday school. This is a big commitment, I know. I hope you think of it as an important commitment to them. Training in the Christian faith will serve your children’s moral, social and character development. Another pizza birthday party or video game sleepover probably won’t hurt them, but learning the joyful discipline of weekly training in their religious tradition will be better for them in the long run. Don’t fight with them over coming to church and don’t force them to come. Just come happily yourself and bring them along. Model mature, adult character and faithfulness. Be a parent. That will be the most profound teaching of all for your children.
If I can do anything for you, send an email or call. 978/460-1118.
Peace be with all of you as we begin the weeks of autumn together.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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