fall dates and a pastoral note about confirmation

Family Promise Training  Thursday, August 7  Contact Kim Ho for more information

Commemoration of the first service at Peace  Sunday, August 17. The hymns for the day will be those that were sung 50 years ago.

350 MA  Thursday, September 4   7:00 pm

Calumet at Peace  Saturday, September 13  This will be a fun event for our congregation. Contact Debbie Vogt for more information.

Outdoor worship and Rally Day Sunday, September 14  Worship outdoors (bring a lawn chair). Teachers and children will be introduced for the start of a new year of learning.

50 Anniversary Service Sunday, September 28  New England Synod Bishop James Hazelwood will be with us to celebrate fifty years of ministry. Former pastors  Randy Wilburn and Paul Lindstrom will attend.

Holy Baptism  Harrison Burke and Diane Burke  Sunday, October 26   The Sunday of All Saints

Affirmation of Baptism  Sunday, November 2  All Saints  Leah Scheidemantel and Nicole Canning will affirm their baptismal faith and become confirmed (adult) members of the church.

Campus Ministry Day  Sunday, November 9  The Rev. Kari Jo Verholst, MIT and Harvard ELCA chaplain, will be with us to preach and lead a forum.

I sent this note to the parents of our confirmation students. An important ministry of the congregation, confirmation is the church’s rite of passage into adult membership in the church.

The day of confirmation for Leah Scheidemantel and Nicole Canning will be Sunday, November 2, 2014.  In September Leah and Nicole will plan their confirmation service. It will includeone or more of these: some ministry initiative, a presentation of artwork, an essay, a statement of faith, a report on a topic of the Christian faith. Leah Jonczyk, Carter Vogt, Gabby Ho will continue to meet this fall. The three of them will continue into another year of confirmation. They will be joined by 7th Graders Erik O’Steen and Jack Melvin.

I believe that confirmation instruction in our Lutheran Church should be described as “training in the Christian faith”, and I would rather think of “the confirmation years” than of “the confirmation program”. Instead of being mainly a period of instruction, Confirmation should be a time of experiencing the several aspect of an active faith life. One of these is guided learning, but there are others equally important.

Sometimes confirmation in the Lutheran Church has been known as “Catechism”. This meant learning–and often memorizing–Luther’s Small Catechism as the basic book of Christian instruction. I believe the catechism is important still. Brilliant in its absolute simplicity, the rhythms of its language are part of our Lutheran heritage.  (What does this mean….  This is most certainly true…. etc.)

The congregation pays particular attention to children during their confirmation years. Certain expectations are placed on them. These expectations in fact are the same as those of adult church membership–that they attend worship, learn, pray, serve others, give of themselves, their time and resources to maintain the church as a physical plant and as a family of faith.

The Sunday of confirmation is the beginning of the student’s adult Christian life. For that reason confirmation is called affirmation of baptism. Our practice here at Peace has been to have the day of affirmation of baptism (confirmation) near the beginning of a child’s freshman year of high school.

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