midweek notes July 10

Anniversary fundraiser

Gifts came in last week from members Rob and Andrea McDonald and from our friends Rev. Rick and Judy Kremer. This campaign has been a great success. Thanks to all of you for your gifts. The solar panels are in their glory on these bright summer days, drawing energy from the sun.

Midweek communion Wednesdays at 7 pm.

These midweek services focus on the written and read word as our spiritual life-blood. We try to surround our hearing of the word with “live” and listening silence (in contrast to “dead” silence which is uncomfortable and threatening). The prayers are a deeper communion of our hearts and of our world with God. The simple order of Holy Communion is an even deeper participation in the mystery of God’s love.

Connecting with partners in Boston and Cambridge

In my sermons the past two weeks I’ve spoken about the scriptural “icon” of Zion, the spiritual metropolis or “mother city” from which the biblical faith goes forth. For us, geographically, Boston/Cambridge is the metropolis. Energy, art, knowledge, ideas, entertainment, innovation, etc. are found in the city. It’s good for us, out here in the philistine suburbs, with our philistine churches, to turn toward the good parts of the city–and to face the problems of the city–as often as we can. This summer I have been in contact with partners in the city, exploring possibilities for ministry projects. If you would be interested in helping move any of these partnerships forward, let me know. I’ll report to the council about all of them and keep all of you informed in the usual ways.

  •  I hope to find another Harvard Divinity School student interested in coming out here to work with me on our suburban agriculture and nature spirituality field work site. The HDS field work fair is the last part of August. If you would like to join me at the fair, to speak to students about our site-you are welcome. Let me know.
  • The Rev. Tiffany Chaney is pastor and mission developer of The Intersection, a new ELCA ministry in Dorchester. http://www.connectingfaithandlife.org/Pages/aboutus.aspx . At the synod assembly Kim Canning and I spoke to Tiffany about her work and how we might be involved. She told us that she had a projector but needed a screen. At its meeting in June the council voted to buy the screen Tiffany identified. The cost was $100.  Here is Tiffany’s email in reply to the notification that the screen had been sent from Amazon earlier this week: Thank you so much! I’m planning to use a video clip in my sermon this week, so we will be quickly putting this to good use! Many blessings! Tiffany
  • The Rev. Kari Jo Verholst is Lutheran chaplain at MIT. Later this month Kari and I will meet at MIT to discuss ways in which our congregation might be involved in that campus ministry. We will talk about Peace members and friends with an MIT connection, those who might be interested in campus ministry, those who have a special interest in topics related to faith and science, and brainstorm for ways we might cooperate.

Wayland Food Pantry

Thank you for filling up the basket for the Wayland Food Pantry. When Kirsten and I delivered the food this week we entered a pantry that was quite bare. During the summer the schools and other big suppliers of food stop collections, so our contributions make a difference. I’ll deliver the food every week if the basket fills up.


The rabbits have devoured the sunflowers in our affirmation garden. I chase them and scold them but they keep coming in! I feel like Mr. McGregor from Thornton Burgess’ Peter Cottontail. (Burgess was a Massachusetts author, you know, born in Sandwich.) So the sunflowers won’t tower this year but Stephanie’s onions and Milly’s rhubarb, and Ron’s tomatoes, and Carter’s carrots are all doing fine. Weeding and reading on Sunday or anytime you want to stop over and help. Thanks to those who have given time to the gardens this summer. Weeding is really an activity of humility. The word humble to me means “grounded”. It has the same Latin roots as the word humus or soil. Weeding is not for everyone… Thanks to the grounded souls with patience enough to weed at the church.

Summer stewardship

We create the community of Peace Lutheran Church by giving ourselves to the programs and ministries of the church. A congregation is community dedicated to helping others. It is created, reformed and nourished when members and friends give their time, money talents, their ideas, prayers, etc. Don’t forget your church in mid summer. This means, in part, don’t forget your spiritual life. Pray, find even small ways to read a passage from the bible, say the Lord’s Prayer, recite the creed. Find some way to love your neighbor. Feed your Christian life. As always, thank you for choosing to live out your Christian life here at Peace.

Looking forward to the fall

Our 50th anniversary celebration with special guests–including Bishop Hazelwood–September 28. Other anniversary events have been scheduled for the fall.

Watch your email and make plans to register your children for Sunday school!


About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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