Sunday morning

The council met last night for its monthly review of the ministry of our church. Our council meetings begin with a devotion and a reading from the scriptures. Special concerns of the community and a prayer are followed by review of the minutes of the last meeting and reception of the financial position of the ministry based on reports from the financial secretary, treasurer and bookkeeper. Then ministry area reports are heard along with progress of special projects and plans for seasonal activities. Oversight, direction, support and advice are given by the council members. Last night David Scheidemantel was a guest of the council and his presentation on new technology that would improve our community life, was very well received. The council will take up Dave’s proposals again next month and make a recommendation about moving forward.

I am so often struck by the way our community works together in informal ways. Kirsten and I had a long drive to Taunton on Sunday afternoon and we were talking about the way things happen at Peace. It’s a family in which you find roles and places, and by you presence and goodwill you form and maintain a healthy community. I came home Sunday evening after the soccer and a Mother’s Day dinner and noted some of the good things that I saw earlier in the day. It was in many ways a normal Sunday morning at Peace.

Bob and Milly told stories about the Alstads, former members of Peace.  Bob gave out plant markers that were given to him by Georgia Alstad.

Money was counted and packed for deposit. Without the generous, faithful giving of our members and friends there would be no gathering place and no community life.

Two of our Sunday school classes met together. Alan, Deb and Dave were the teachers (maybe others as well). They were leading a discussion on Christian denominations and world religions. Mary Ann, Carrie M. and Andrea taught the younger children. I saw some of the children’s work in the fellowship hall.
Three of our moms–Corinne, Liibby and Kim H–washed communion glasses as they discussed theologies and emotions of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.
Small groups were gathered for conversation and support.
Jane picked up the bulletins and straightened up in the worship room as she does every week.
Three generations of the Woods family were present.
Dan Burke and infant son Harry sat through nearly the whole service. Impressive focus and patience by father and baby. The Burkes live in Wayland.
Stephanie worked in the garden. I had misplaced the seeds that Stephanie brought in the week before and was scrambling around looking in baskets and bowels and cupboards. Frank and Chris M helped. I found the seeds Monday morning and notified Stephanie.
Kathryn Welter sang with our Sunday school kids. They are scheduled to sing in church on June 8.
Frank unpacked the flatware, cups and coffee that Kris Lutz sent from Staples. Frank and Kris have been working together to help keep our kitchen supplied. Thanks to Frank for being the supply chief and to Kris for the donations he has made of paper goods over the years.

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