In Memory of Bryce Korba

Korba, Bryce Thomas Bryce died March 8, 2014, at Children’s Hospital in Boston while awaiting a heart transplant. He was born April 1, 2013, in Boston to Daniel and Loretta (Ramoo) Korba.

Bryce Korba was baptized in the evening, on a bed in Children’s Hospital.  He was dressed in a white suit and was surrounded by his family and new friends. He was baptized into the death and resurrection of Christ, marked with the cross on his forehead, and reborn into a new humanity.  In that evening event, Bryce was surrounded by loving people and bathed in love as a child of God.

His life of less than a year— brief, in our way of measuring lives—opens into the eternity of God’s grace.

His days—amounting to such a fragile few in our conventional way of counting and evaluating—are held firmly in Christ’s everlasting love.

The weakness of his body over the course of his life was supported by the attention of good and careful people, and infused with the Spirit’s power.

In the course of Bryce’s short life—less than a year on our calendar—he experienced the unconditional love of his mother and father.

He played with his brother, was adored by his grandparents and other family members.

He became a delightful friend to aides, nurses, doctors and staff at Children’s Hospital.

The brightness of his budding personality drew people to his bedside.

With courage and forbearance he cooperated with medical personnel as they did their best to give him more time.

Now—as was witnessed and believed on the evening of his baptism—B ryce Korba is bathed in love and held forever with Christ.


Pastor Jeff Johnson

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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