22nd Sunday after Pentecost

For the time is coming when people will not put up with sound doctrine, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own desires. 2 Timothy 3: 3

We’ll think together about the second reading for Sunday in which Paul makes a point about sound teaching and pure doctrine. It’s important to us–is it not?–that what we hear in church is the Christian gospel as it has been passed on through the years and received by our generation? Lutheran pastors promise to preach and teach in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and with the creeds and confessions for the formation of faith in those who hear. How many other voices are there out there, driving our lives, setting our agendas, selling us on ways of life. I’m afraid we all have itching ears.

Anna Looft, Wayland interfaith intern will be with us on Sunday. She will meet with the middle school students during the Sunday school hour. There will be no Sunday evening confirmation class.

On Sunday morning we will install the members of the council. This is an important fall ritual in our congregation. The congregation council is elected in June and charged with providing program leadership and organizational oversight throughout the year.

Rejoicing Spirits at 4 pm.  Remember to keep Susan and John and their family in your prayers as they support one another in the last days of Charlotte Lindberg’s life.

Remember to bring in the names addresses of friends of Peace far and wide. There’s a fish bowl in the narthex to receive them.

The anniversary committee meets Friday.

Next Sunday, October 27, is the Sunday of the Reformation. The Peace brass, directed by Ron Riggert, will play.We’ll celebrate together with a pot-luck lunch. Bring something to share. An intergenerational table game will be a part of our Reformation celebration.

Anna Mullen, our Peace intern, has been working in the fields and meeting a few more of you. In the next week we will read Chapter 3 of Learning the Language of the Fields, titled The Children of Abraham and the Conquest of Eden. I have made copies of the chapter and put them on the information table for anyone who would like to join our discussion

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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