If you are invited


The Gospel for Sunday is Luke 14:1, 7-14, the parable of the wedding banquet: “When you are invited to a wedding banquet…”
As usual there’s much to ponder in this passage–not all of it clear–and we shall do it together on Sunday. Invitations are important to us. We send them and receive them and wait for them. You are invited!
Invitations allow us to enter another person’s home, another family’s happiness, etc. Think of invitations you have sent and received recently. Is there an invitation you have received that surprised and particularly pleased you.
Where do invitations come into our Christian life? They are all over the place. We are at the same time the invited and the inviters. Baptism is an invitation into–as well as a “washing” for–the Christian life. Evangelism is the traditional name for inviting people into the faith life of a congregation. When we urge one another to invite new people into our church, we should not think that we are inviting them to attend “our” church. We are rather showing our brothers and sisters the fellowship and communion that we have found. They have received the same invitation of grace to hear the word and come to the table. They just haven’t accepted it yet. It’s their place too; they just don’t know it yet.
Some if not all of our children are back in school now. We’ll say a prayer for them and give them our blessings as they begin a new year. Bring in school supplies and backpacks and I’ll bring them to the Lutheran Social Services offices in Worcester.
There will be reading and weeding for our confirmation students after church on Sunday. All week long people admire the affirmation garden sunflowers. This morning a man was out there taking pictures of them. I wish we lived in a place with a county fair. We could bring in one of those big blossoms and win a blue ribbon.
Remember please to register your child for Sunday school. The forms are on the table in the narthex, or download one from our website. Parents, take a moment to do this please. And consider volunteering to teach Sunday school. All the materials are provided. You’ll be supported and appreciated.





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