Calumet 2013

Calumet 2013

Greetings from Calumet!!  Over the past 2 days we’ve discovered that we are a
hearty group of campers. Hats off to the tent campers who stuck it out through
two nights of cold and rainy weather.   Ingenuity and planning kept everyone
warm and dry at night. Who knew that Jonathan was so good with tarps!

After a second night of pounding rain we woke up to dry air and blue sky today
which has produced smiles all around. It’s a bit chilly but not cold enough to
deter any activities.

The three new families who braved the weekend have pledged to return next year.
We missed the families who (smartly) decided to sit this year out.

We will be making the best of the next 24 hours.

Off to the Lakeside Dining Hall to sign up for the pontoon boat rides this

See you next Sunday!

Boom Chick Boom!


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