Sunday of Pentecost

They were all together in one place. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.  Acts 2:2
The day of Pentecost is the culmination of all the festivals of the church year. It is the combustion that keeps us going. The Day of Pentecost, recorded in the book of Acts, opens the era in which we live. We walk by faith, with the testimony of generations, the promises of God passed on through the ages, and the holy spirit as a guide.  I hope that you will all come to celebrate the festival of the holy spirit on Sunday. The color of the day is red, the color of the church. If you have something red to wear, please do so.
The passage from Acts continues with a description of all the nations gathered in Jerusalem. All received the holy spirit and began to learn the language of faith, no matter the language of their homeland. This is an important passage. It explodes the assumptions we have about where we belong and to what community. As we announce in the communion liturgy–I want you to hear this on Sunday–the spirit is poured out on all nations.
The day of Pentecost is often our day of confirmation here at Peace. On Sunday we will recognize our middle school students who are just beginning their confirmation years, and pray the spirit would work through all of us, supporting them through their exploration of the Christian faith and life.
This month and next bring canned tuna and meat for the Wayland Food Pantry. I convey thanks to all of you, from the folks at Parmenter, for the recent delivery. Thanks to Mason Lutz for promoting the late winter collection. The basket is now empty; bring in the named items or any other non-perishables.
Althea and Loren Korte are preparing the Sunday morning service schedule for the second half of the year. Thanks to both of them.
On Sunday afternoon Dick Stitt will help out the folks from St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Newton Lower Falls by driving representatives from St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Newton Lower Falls in Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend parade. St Mary’s is 150 years old this year. Kirsten Johnson is the music director at St. Mary’s.

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