2nd Sunday of Easter

Blessed are those have not seen and yet believe. John 2:29
I have been thinking this week about belief and faith. Certainly they are related concepts. We will ponder the differences on Sunday, maybe along these lines…

When we confess our faith–together–in the words of the church’s creeds we say, I believe, or We believe…in God the Father… Belief in this context is a kind of public assent, a vote in favor, a general commitment to stand with others in a community of the church.

Faith is different. Faith changes us individually. Paul wrote, “by faith you are saved.” Saved! So there is a magic, and a power in faith that is not necessarily implied in its cooler cousin, belief. Faith is related to the adoption of baptism, faith was in the water of life that ran over your brow. In other words, faith is a gift of God. The promises made to you in baptism are repeated within the environment of the church’s worship, but the faith is yours, just as your life is yours…to be enjoyed, wasted, managed, shared, etc.

The Sunday school meets at 11 am. Forum in the church at 11 a.m.

With the closing of Little Dove Early Childhood Center we have an opportunity to rethink the use of our building. The adult forum during the education hour will be our opportunity to begin a discussion of anything you like about Little Dove Early Childhood Center, and to hear ideas about how we might put the building to use for our ministry and for the benefit of the community in the years ahead.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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