Wedding at Cana

Wedding at Cana

At noon today eight of us sat at tables in the fellowship hall. We heard an Epiphany devotion then talked together over lunch. Ruth shared pineapple; Mazie shared cookies. We heard jokes (a real howler from Doris) and stories about life, that passes all too quickly it seems to me. I always enjoy hearing memories and recollections of your life experiences.Sunday we will hear the second major Epiphany story, the wedding at Cana from John 2. Jesus is a guest and he changes water into wine. Just the kind of guest you want at a party. There is so much to mull over in this story. Marriage as a metaphor of the connection between God and Israel, marriage as the institution that does the magical thing of creating new people through the power of promises, marriage as the setting of hope and joy.

The forum Sunday morning during the Sunday school hour will be on distracted driving, especially texting.  Thanks to Donna for suggesting the topic and for leading the discussion.

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