a letter to our Sunday School teachers


I feel like I never take the time to share my thoughts with the
dedicated Sunday School teachers we have. My girls take home their work
form class each Sunday and show it to me proudly. I am especially
enjoying their advent work from last week. The church helps me really
enjoy and appreciate the Christmas season. I easily get turned off by
all the commercialism.  But my girls are opening their advent calendar
with a bible verse each day, and a note about what they can do for
another person.  I feel like they get it – what Christmas is all about.
I have not even heard what they want from Santa this year.  We’ve
gathered toys they’ve outgrown and donated them for children in need.
We include the children they’ve befriended through family promise in our
prayers. My girls are truly grateful for all they have, and so am I. I
am most grateful for our Peace family. It is really helping me through a
tough time and helping us to raise our girls in a way I feel proud of.

Thank you so much for all you do.

God bless.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts

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