Family Promise

family promise walkathonCongregation Or Atid and Peace Lutheran Church have completed another wonderful week of hosting. Over 60 volunteers participated from our congregations and our support congregations, Temple Shir Tikva, Memorial Congregational Church, and St John Evangelical Lutheran Church. We also received support from Little Dove Early Childhood Center and Girl Scout Troop 77171.

The volunteers did such a wonderful job this week keeping the church clean. Peace is used by several different organizations during the week, and the extra effort was greatly appreciated. The families also did an outstanding job with household chores which lightened the load on the volunteers.

We will be hosting for two weeks in March, from March 3-17. We encourage all volunteers to join our online community so that everyone can receive updates on the families.

Thank you again for making this incredible week possible.

Kim Canning, Peace
Cindy Fenichel, Or Atid
Kim Ho, Peace

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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