Music in the fall

Camel and donkey
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Mark 10:25 

A high evaluation of music is the greatest gift of our Reformation heritage. Peace Lutheran Church is loaded with talent, including musical talent. We’ll hear some of our Peace musicians in the coming weeks. Thank you to Kathryn Welter for her leadership as our “chief musician” throughout the year. She will be working with our Sunday school children in the coming Sundays, helping them sing together. 

Classical guitarist Jonathan Moretz will play throughout the service on Sunday, October 21. 

Sunday, October 28 is the Sunday of the Reformation. The Peace Brass will play. The members of the group are Ron Riggert, Dan Olsen, Nate Johnson and Ron Riggert. Bob Holmgren will play the piano for our worship. As a part of our celebration, later in the day, we will welcome the moms and children from the Florence House in Worcester to our church. This coming Sunday take a minute to sign up  to help in some way. Bring food for the potluck, help with the activities, set-up and clean-up or something else. Corinne Fryhle has made a terrific poster display for signing up. Donations are needed for hamburgers and hot dogs. There’s a fish bowl for donations on the table. Maybe if you are not planning to come you could donate a little money for buying food. 

Remember that we are the hosts in our comfortable building on beautiful grounds. We will welcome guests into our home. Bring out your instincts of hospitality. Last year I was a little bit embarrassed to see a number of our members walking out just as our guests were walking in with the food they had prepared for the potluck. If this program pushes you beyond your comfort zone, that’s fine, but try to be sensitive to the messages that you send with your actions.

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