solar panels

The congregation council dedicated most of its September meeting to a thorough discussion of all aspects of the plan. The members of the council  approved it unanimously. Now they present it to you, the members of the church, for final approval.

  • Last year we raised money to replace the roof in preparation for installation of solar panels. The chosen contractor will honor the contract proposal given then, and replace the roof for $10,500.
  • If we approve the solar plan at our meeting on Sunday we will be participating in the Solarize Wayland/Sudbury/Lincoln campaign, not acting on our own. These three towns have negotiated with Astrum Solar to install solar systems on homes, businesses and public buildings.
  • Installing solar panels will reduce or eliminate our utility bills and allow us to make a meaningful gesture of our Christian concern for the well-being of the natural environment.
  • Our church will purchase solar equipment at a cost of $47,950. A member of the congregation has offered Peace a no-interest loan for the purchase price. The loan will be repaid over 7-8 years. Electricity generated by the solar panels should offset our current monthly electric bill. In addition, Peace will receive Solar Renewable Energy Credits at variable market rates. The loan repayment schedule will be set to let the utility savings realized from the solar power turn into loan payments.
I see this as a great opportunity for our congregation to live out its Christian vocation of stewardship of the earth, and stewardship of its own financial resources. I am grateful to Ron Riggert for his commitment to this effort. For several years Ron has not wavered in his focus on accomplishing this improvement for his church and for the community. He has been the contact for our church with Transition Wayland, the roofing contractors and with Astrum Solar.

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