Mary and Martha

Martha was distracted by many things. Luke 10:40.
Martha and the rest of us, right? We are part of a distracted generation, driving here and there, trying to do the right thing, or the right twenty-five things at the same time. We are busy, so very busy. There are so many choices in front of us. The weekdays are busy. The weekends are busy. Martha was distracted by many things, and so are we, and we will fiercely defend our choice to be distracted by many things, right?
Do you know people who are not distracted by many things, people who run a little bit out of the main stream? They might not be saints or religious people—maybe as suburbanites we would call them crazy—but they might have a peace about them. We know Mary, from this story. Jesus says that Mary and Martha had choices and that Mary had chosen more wisely than Martha, who was distracted by many things. Does this bother you?
Come on Sunday morning—if you’re not too busy—and listen to the words of Jesus as he leads us beside the still waters of the word and blesses us with the peace that comes from the word and the sacraments in the community that gathers around these gifts of grace.
The Jewish and Christian teaching that this story illustrates is the third commandment. Remember the Sabbath; keep it holy. Peace and quiet in respect of the mystery of life and in thankfulness for the gift of life is Sabbath-keeping. As busy people we are invited to find peace in the word of God.

About Peace Lutheran Church Wayland Massachusetts
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